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Welcome to GGFanClub! We do have rules here, not a whole lot, but all members/admins need to follow them.


:bulletblack: Any and all works must contain General Grievous, either in his Kaleesh body or his cyborg one. No "alternate forms", like N-K Necrosis please.

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G'day, 'tis been quite a while since I last posted anything, but here we go;

As per usual, these are all my own opinions and I'm just throwing them out there for anyone who may be remotely interested.

As you may have seen by the title, this journal will be covering the Kaleesh ability to use infrared vision. It may come to a surprise to some of you, but if one looks hard enough, they will find that under the Kaleesh species classification, that they are, yes, able to use infrared vision.

The information, however, is very vague, and near enough simply states that they have this ability, but how powerful and/or useful would it be?

Now, I'm no expert when it comes to reptilian infrared abilities, but from what I have gathered, I believe that the closest animal we could compare a Kaleesh with, would be a Boa constrictor. Boas, have the innate ability to see the world in both infrared and UV light [normal sunlight].

This ability is used by snakes in order to 'see' or at least aid in sensing their prey's body heat. Kaleesh would be able to use this ability in order to hunt mammals such as Mumuu and Karabac, seeing as they are both large heat producing creatures.

Would they have been able to, say, track their prey using recent heat signatures? Perhaps, seeing as Mumuu and Karabac would have left heat imprints on the ground, much like humans do, a sort of footprint that only lasted the duration of a minute or two before fading away.

Furthermore, depending on how separate and diversified the Kaleesh were from neighboring tribes, the Kaleesh hailing from Grendaju [an icy landmass at the southern extreme of Kalee] might well have had superior use of this ability, seeing as they would have to rely more heavily upon it. This means that if Ronderu was indeed from Grendaju, then she may very well have had superior hunting abilities to our dear Grievous, being more fine tuned with their infrared abilities.

This brings up a whole other point. Could Grievous have used his infrared senses to aid him when facing Jedi? It is well known that even when the Jedi hide from him, Grievous is able to 'hunt-them-down' with much ease. Obviously enhanced eyesight and hearing would help in general, but what if he could physically feel and see the heat radiating off them.

It could very well be his 'sixth-sense', much like the force is to a Jedi. He would be able to tell where they are, enhancing both his reactions and self-awareness when it comes to an enemies location, without having to actually see them.

Anyway, that is all I have to say on this headcanon for the time being. Pray tell any suggestions you have, I'd love to hear them.

Dalek out~
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